Level 1 is the debut album by Miracle of Sound. All songs were written, performed, produced, mixed, mastered by Gavin Dunne (Miracle of Sound). It was released on December 21st, 2011 digitally on bandcamp and iTunes with a track of 33 songs.


While the majority of the work on the album was done by Gavin Dunne, there were two notable examples of outside help with the project. The first such example was when Jack O'Rourke played piano on the song Sweet L.A., while the second was when Gary Baus played saxophone on the same song.

Album Cover

The album cover depicts an armored figure playing a guitar that is emmitting fire. It is credited to Aldred Khamidullin, found on the blogspot page, Hieronymus7z.


1. The New Black Gold [Deus Ex:Human Revolution]

2. Sovngarde Song [Skyrim]

3. Commander Shepard [Mass Effect]

4. Big Ten

5. Sweet L.A. [L.A. Noire]

6. Wheatley's Song [Portal 2]

7. Redemption Blues [Red Dead Redemption]

8. Age Of The Dragon [Dragon Age]

9. Little Sister [Bioshock]

10. Mining All Day Long [Minecraft]

11. The Mind Of The Bat [Batman: Arkham Asylum]

12. Normandy [Mass Effect 2]

13. The Dead Don't Shuffle (They Run) [Left 4 Dead]

14. Wasteland Soul [Fallout 3]

15. Brothers Of The Creed [Assassin's Creed]

16. Beauty Bleak [Fallout 3]

17. I Suck At Call Of Duty [Call of Duty]

18. Necromorph Soup [Dead Space]

19. Gordon Freeman Saved My Life [Half-Life 2]

20. She's Gonna Teach Ya (How To Rock N Roll)

21. Santiago's Lament [Gears of War 3]

22. Zombie Holiday [Dead Island]

23. Goodbye Black Ops [Call of Duty]

24. Duke, You Used To Be Cool [Duke Nukem]

25. Fire In Your Hole [Bulletstorm]

26. Comin' For Your Tank [Battlefield 3]

27. Thunder Theme

28. The Grind [Gears of War 3]

29. Mortal Kombat Party [Mortal Kombat]

30. Second Chance Song

31. Trip To Vegas [Fallout: New Vegas]

32. The Ballad of Clay Carmine [Gears of War 3]

33. Thunder Mountain

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