Level 4 is the most recent album by Miracle of Sound. All songs were written, performed, produced, mixed, mastered by Gavin Dunne (Miracle of Sound). It was released on November 24th, 2013 digitally on bandcamp and iTunes with a track of 19 songs.

Album Cover

The album cover depicts an armored figure playing a guitar that is emmitting fire, surrounding by a circular object. It is credited to Aldred Khamidullin, found on the blogspot page, Hieronymus7z.


1. The Crush [Pacific Rim]

2. Beneath the Black Flag [Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag]

3. The Call [Elder Scrolls Online]

4. Forever Blue [Breaking Bad]

5. Higher Tonight [Saints Row IV]

6. Kickback

7. Digital Shadow [Watch Dogs]

8. The Day the World Died [Metro: Last Light]

9. Drive [GTA V]

10. Rampage [GTA V]

11. Hard Cash [GTA V]

12. Cries of a Dead World [Wasteland 2]

13. My Iron Skin [Iron Man]

14. The Best of Us [The Last of Us]

15. Hammers in My Head

16. Nameless [Planescape:Torment]

17. Niko It's Your Cousin [GTA IV]

18. Co-Optional

19. The New Black Gold 2013 [Deus Ex:Human Revolution]

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