Lotus Lullaby from Cork, Ireland and exists of Gavin Dunne (vocals, guitar, keyboards and programming), Dave Divilly (Guitar, programming and vocals), John Coman (drums and percussion) and Connor Ryan (bass and vocals). In 2006, Religion Music discovered their recorded demo, who were so impressed that they quickly signed the band.In 2007 they decided to change their name to The Gift, but since the fans didn't seem to like the new name, they changed it back, accordingly to a message on their myspace. They will still perform under the name 'Lotus Lullaby' until the time they decide upon another name.

Since forming in 2005 their frenetic, uplifting live shows and anthemic songs have recieved fanatical responses from audiences and critics alike and they have won numerous Irish awards including Murphys Live and The National Student Music Award. They were even labeled the 'next big thing' of 2007. After flirtations with pop, metal, electronica and other genres, the band settled on a sound that combines the simplicity and massive hooks of pop with the energy and power of heavy rock. Influences include Bowie, Muse, Jimmy Eat World, Guns n Roses, Weezer, Nine Inch Nails etc..

With songs about making the best out of life and channelling your pain, suffering and loss into something positive and beautiful, Lotus Lullaby are on a mission to bring joy to the masses and make music for everyday normal people to relate to, a style that they call 'universally personal'.

They describe their music as: Anthemic pop rock with a touch of electronica.